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From Principal Desk

I thank god to for his grace which enable us to render the magnificent service in 22nd year in Motipur. As far as education is concerned it is a wonderful service. as according to me I found that the education has three releams. they are physical, mental, and spritual education. What is realy eduaction means? It means impart the systematic insttructions or knowledge in any subject. We want impart the knowledge in a systematic way. The first part is the physical education. It is very important because a healthy body can do any thing which is the mind and the sprit inspire. Through physiscal education we prepare a healthy and fit body to work well and through mental education we learn everything in the physical world and its secret technical known how, methods, clues and formulas to solve any puzzled problems. Mathematical skills linguastical knowledge and every thing which we see today. This make us to live in the face of the earth as like kings and queens.

But the third realm of education enabling us to know the creator(God) and all moral values of life. The virtues like love, sympathy, compasion, tolarance, and brotherhood. It adorn the man with the two other realms and make a man perfact and humble to searve humanity like Mother Teresa and Mahatna Gandhi. Fear of God and obediance to the authorities punctualities and decency. So it is very important to a wholesome education. today the third dimension is missing almost every where. We give the preference to the physical world so that, man became proude and in human activities are happend. So we should fill the missing dimention of the education that meanse the spritual education. That moulding a good personality and preparing them for the service of humanity. As myself I longing to show the compasion, sympathy and love of the Lord Jesus Christ through this humble service and all the glory and honour to Him.



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